2011: A Year of Firsts


So I’ve been pretty absent from my website for close on a year now. This is primarily because in 2011 I got my first gig in the gaming industry; I was a games designer for Foundation Mobile (now known as Foundation Games) and really didn’t have a whole lot of time to maintain the site. I say ‘was’ as, unfortunately, a month ago I was let go from the company due to financial issues. I’m thankful to have had the experience, even more so that I got to do so with some of my best friends. While there I was also lucky enough to get my name on my first shipped title ‘Lumi‘.

But enough dwelling on what was and what has gone. Right now I am working alongside my second love; comic books through a retail position at a comic book store. I’ve only been there a short while but it’s great! This doesn’t mean that I’ve left video games behind, actually quite the contrary, with the position allowing me to finally get into my own indie work.

I started my own project strangely enough on the day that I found out I had a position with Foundation. I haven’t been able to continue anything since so I’m very excited to get into it again.

This year I intend to better my skills as a programmer and 2D artist as well as cementing my skills as a designer. That said, I’ve got a few projects in the works at the moment that I feel will help me achieve this:

  • A solo unity game
  • A group UDK game
  • A group review/news/writing website
  • A secret but super awesome project

I’m proud to show you my new look website and here’s to the future!

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