Update – Serendipity, not just a movie


Hello Internets!

A smallish update/recap of my past week. So this past week I have been lucky enough to score some contract work which will extend into this week coming. Its appearance I attribute to serendipity (something which has been very influential in my working life at this point) a seemingly magical event where things seems to work themselves out without having to stressfully seek for a resolution. I say this as the work comes at a time when I was looking at investing in a Mac of some variety, eventually deciding it was too expensive of an investment given my current financial situation. Then BAM the next day some contract work, and some handy extra funds, came my way.

Anyway, the work itself is to do with a Facebook game, more specifically a review of the current levels in the game. It’s really nice to have your opinion regarded so highly and, as always, I appreciate the opportunity to broaden my skills and experience as a designer. I also get to work alongside a lovely fellow who I’ve crossed paths with in the past. What’s even better is that he is an excellent designer, making working with him pretty easy. He shall be known as Beardfacé…

I will update again in the not so distant future.

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