An interesting Discovery?


I came to a realisation today about the differences between programming and designing in my experience, which I will share with you.

I find game design to be much more enjoyable, at least at the stage in a project where the idea is still being realised, when I do so with others. It has been my belief for a long while that some things just turn out better, at least much faster, when more heads are involved and this is the case for some areas of game design in my opinion. When I consider my experiences with programming on the other hand, they are somewhat opposite. I find it more enjoyable when programming on my own where I can experiment at my own leisure all the while absorbing all the knowledge I can get my hands on.

Perhaps this helps to explain my recent woes where I have been focusing on only design but I’m certain this will ease with time and through more experience working on my own. No doubt I’ll become a better designer because of it. Something I know for sure is that I’m enjoying programming much more than I ever have and can’t wait to get into the next phase of ‘High’

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