A Remedy for Frustration


So It’s been about a week since I declared my intentions to get out of my rut and I’m happy to say that it appears to have worked rather nicely. I was able to make some nice progress on the High design doc including somewhat of an epiphany as to how I will go about implementing my ideas come prototyping.

Perhaps the most effective of my four goals was to “come up with a new game idea everyday”. This proved a great way to spark creativity giving me enough of a confidence boost to really get into the nitty gritty on High. Not only this, if I ever had a disappointing day where I mightn’t have got as much done as I hoped, I would always end the day happy knowing that I had something new down on paper (I’ve now got a dedicated notebook to hold them). This is definitely something I’m going to maintain!

Stepping away from my work has also proved very useful as more often than not my idea for the day would come at that moment. While tuning out from the Internet (most importantly social media) and setting up with a cup of tea has started me on the road to consistent work, at least getting me into the mindset to do so.

Overall I’m pretty chuffed with how it all worked out and would recommend anyone have a go at doing the same!

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