I’ve had a few exciting developments this past week which will bleed into the week coming.

First off I pre-ordered Assassin’s Creed 3 Freedom Edition at the weekend! The game is quickly looking like it will be the best yet though I’m already getting restless for release which is months away…

Secondly, I just got off the unity asset store where I purchased the 2D ToolKit by Unikron Software. I’ve had it recommended to me by a few people and given my 2D focus for the moment it seemed like a more than reasonable purchase, if it works as I hope it should really kick start High. While I’m bummed I have to wait a few days until I can use the tool (paypal needs a few days to process the payment), I am not too fused as I will use the time as a deadline for completion of the core design. The past week I’ve been a little distracted in researching possible implementation methods for the game instead of churning out the required details; having a deadline (and being generally exciting to get prototyping) will spur me to do the work I’ve been avoiding.

Finally, things are starting to move along nicely with a few projects I’m involved with outside of my own work. I can’t talk too much about them yet but, so long as things go as planned, expect the grand reveal of one project by the end of the week!

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