RagePixel is nifty and free!!


In my search for the most suitable 2D solution for my unity work I’ve come across a pretty neat toolkit called RagePixel. The tool allows for pixel art creation in unity with perhaps the best news being that the bulk of the tool is to remain free forever! My experience with it has been reasonably brief at this point but I am certainly enjoying see what it can achieve. I’m actually considering using it to rapid prototype some of my daily game ideas.

For anyone interested visit ragepixel.com, the tool is only a month or so old but has mountains of potential!

Also Check out ‘Blunk’ created by the tool’s developer using RagePixel.

If I am yet to convince you be sure to watch the launch trailer below.

2 thoughts on “RagePixel is nifty and free!!

  1. Looks pretty awesome. That’s what I love about Unity; whenever I discover I need some tool or system like pathfinding for example, a quick search shows that someone has already done a pretty pro implementation of it. And usually it has a free version.

    • Exactly! Part of why I’m loving Unity right now is that even if I’m working individually I never really feel alone in the process because the community is so large and helpful. If I get stuck, more often than not a quick Google search will find a solution from someone in the same boat.

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