High Update – I Have No Idea What I’m Doing


Yep I feel the above picture adequately describes my prototyping experience for the day.

I started the day pretty crappy I’ll admit with my alarm not going off resulting in me missing out on a run (it had started raining by the time I woke unassisted D;). However prototyping wise, thanks to forum support, I was able to fix a small issue I had with animations not playing.

The trouble is that beyond the small addition of a multi-tasking element I don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything of note today. That feeling sucks. I spent most of my day using a concept I’ve never tried before (I’m actually trying to figure it out as I put this together) and it is well and truly proving to be beyond my knowledge at this point and I’m stuck. I’m hoping I’ll get a hail mary in the form of advice from a forum thread I posted on and the solution will only be simple.

I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll try and do some art as well as programming as at least that way I’m pretty much guaranteed to have something tangible come the end of it…

3 thoughts on “High Update – I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

  1. Yep I definitely have no idea what I’m doing…Unity Programming 101: don’t uncheck the box that applies your script to an object >.< At least my code was correct in the end, yay learning haha

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