New Article – Gaming Monogamy


I’ve written a new article on what I call ‘Gaming Monogamy’ which I hope someone finds enjoyable. I would really love to hear if anyone has similar experiences as this also!

Below is a brief snippet but be sure to click on the link to read more.

Ever since I’ve been gaming I’ve been known to devote myself to games that I love. I go to bed wishing I could play longer, have vivid dreams as though I’m still playing and spend days in a row playing for as long as possible. This cycle appears endless as, in being asked to put together a list of my favourite games, it continued to appear and reappear the further my list grew, so much so that it has almost become the common denominator. Upon considering this pattern along with recent experiences, I’ve come to consider myself a ‘Gaming Monogamist’… continue reading

Full Article – Gaming Monogamy

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