High Update – Le Sigh


I’m having a bit of an up and down week with high at the moment; some things are coming along pretty well while others keep causing a nuisance. I have been able to get acceleration working as I had hoped and improved the camera movements to go with this and added another obstacle in the form of birds.

What’s proving to be a giant hurdle is collision detection, more specifically, getting invincibility to function correctly. I finished off yesterday with the guts working okay but when it came to properly checking if conditions were being met it appears my code is barely functioning as I’d hoped. What I have figured out is getting high to flicker during the invincibility period which I’m happy with but this happiness is failing to make up for the oh so frustrating and, to my brain, illogical incorrect functioning of the rest of the code.

I think my next attempt I will need to start from scratch as I’m just digging myself a hole of crappy, ill thought out code. There is  method I should probably employ instead which I have been avoiding because it means changing over a lot of pre-existing code. At this stage if it can stop my brain exploding out of sheer frustration I’m happy to give it a try.

With any luck I will have better news to report next update…le sigh

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