The Scream Becomes a Yawn, I’ll Shut up and Carry On


The Metric lyric (Dreams so Real is the song, hey why not listen while you read this?) which is my title for today is now my new programming mantra. In that sense it means: you’ll figure it out eventually, just don’t give up until you do. With this on my mind I had a pretty good day today:

  • Watched a few BergZergArcade videos and learnt a few new coding tips (I’ve mentioned them before but they are still super awesome)
  • Stumbled across customising the unity editor which was fun and definitely something I’ll be looking into in greater detail (particularly when it comes to the mammoth task of level design)
  • Pretty much completed the fuel tank GUI adding indicators for refilling, low levels and empty
  • Thought up a few more details to add a bit more polish (got a little bummed when I found out that something I want to do comes standard in pro. Nevertheless I carried on)
  • Updated my design and tech docs
  • As always, documented my ‘game idea of the day’

So that’s about it for today: only a short update. Because I like pictures, I leave you with a screenshot of my editor from today.


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