Crossroads – Not Just That Britney Spears Movie


One day last week I went back to High for the first time in a while. The day went really well as I was able to code completely from scratch without having to hunt through forums to get a footing on where to go and without getting frustrated. This felt great and is proof enough that Burg Zerg Arcade has made me a much better programmer. The result was a combo system for the multitask elements (see image below) which works pretty well so far and a bit of an overhaul of how I was previously handling scoring.

The pink text keeps track of the bonus score and adds it once the combo is over. Not the best solution visually but really happy code wise so far

However because of my time spent attempting to improve as a programmer, going back to High is pretty tricky as it currently stands; I was pretty crap a few months ago and my code reflects this (comments are few and far between, debugging shonky and scripts poorly organised). So now I’m at a bit of a crossroads – do I just continue with the project as I did the other day, or start fresh? I’m leaning towards the latter currently but worry that in doing so I will lose the progress the game has made to this point.

I reckon I’ll consult the Old Gods and the New and get back to you on that one. For now though I’m really happy and excited that I can see my progress.

Liz Programmer Level Up

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