Disappointment Times a Billion


If you follow me via Facebook or Twitter you would likely have already heard that Perception didn’t get accepted into Freeplay. For those of you who don’t I thought I’d let you know here…Perception didn’t get accepted into Freeplay. However not for the reason you might think.

Rather than the game not being up to par with it’s competitors (something I can easily accept and even learn from) the category that I entered (Best on Paper Design) didn’t go ahead at all due to a lack of entries. So as you can imagine I’m pretty disappointed: the category was after all the reason I even wanted to enter the competition in the first place.

This has left me wondering why I spent a good month of my time working on the game and stressing about making the deadline when, right now, it feels pretty much like it was for nothing. Of course I know it wasn’t for nothing; I think the game has the potential to be great but not even getting a go sucks as now I have received none of the outside feedback on the game that I felt entering would reveal. I am annoyingly left thinking “what if?”

I’ve considered posting the doc on here to get some feedback but I’m really undecided: do I risk having the idea stolen? will readers think it’s bad? would anyone even read it?

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