Moar Prototyping: Mouse Control


This week I decided not to make a game but more of a control scheme for one. I revisited the game Flow (super addictive and overall fantastic game by the way, play it here) which uses only the mouse and decided to try my hand at emulating the mouse controls.

I ended up deciding to go for two different schemes:

  1. Has a fixed camera so any gameplay would take place within the bounds of the screen. For this I’ve allowed the mouse to control the ball if it goes off screen but added a tick box that lets you switch this off. I definitely think having it on feels a lot more fluid though you only really notice this once you know how it feels off.
  2. More of an ‘open world’ sort of circumstance. Of course it isn’t really open world as there still have obvious bounds but overall this scheme is much closer to that of Flow. Of course it would still need tweaking and added finesse come actual game implementation but I think I’m on the right track. I added a mini map really out of just wanting to try making one so its okay but not exactly how I’d like it (my goodness it’s ugly for one).

Click the image below to play around with the…thingy.

Programming wise I was actually hoping to go even further and figure out how to get the mouse to push an object away but alas my maths skills are still covered in high school cobwebs so I’ll re-visit that challenge at a later date.

The whole week has great. I’ve learned more new programming techniques (raycasting FTW) which I’ll admit occasionally go way over my head but I’m getting there. Also had an unusual amount of fun working on GUI, not sure if procrastination of legitimate enjoyment though.

Not sure what I’ll tackle next week; I’m just going to play it by ear at this point.

3 thoughts on “Moar Prototyping: Mouse Control

  1. I suggest getting the free version of NGUI for prototyping. It’s a great WYSIWYG GUI system that is worth learning anyway and can speed up work a lot if you need to add UI elements to your prototype.

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