I’m Looking At You 2013


I’m excited at the prospect of the new year. I’m pretty keen to start 2013 off on a much happier note than 2012 and kick my game dev up a notch. This year has proved to me that I really do love making games but I’ve struggled to take any projects through to the end. That is going to change in 2013 as I’ve signed on for One Game a Month (all the details are here if you’re wondering).

As the name suggests I’ll make one game a month. So far I’ve got a bunch of ideas ready to take further and am pretty darned excited to get into it, at this stage I’m unsure whether Perception will be included but you never know. Hopefully out of all this my coding and art skills will grow exponentially and my design ability challenged in new ways plus as a bonus get to know more peeps from the awesome game dev community.

I’m still figuring out a game plan but for now I’m thinking:

  1. One week for rapid prototyping and general concept development
  2. Two weeks working through and refining the core gameplay + art adding desirable/secondary elements where possible
  3. With the final week spent on more refinement through some testing (I’m looking at you buddy) and technical implementation (i.e. making sure it’s playable by others via web etc.)

I would also like to get together with some buddies of mine (you know who you are) for a month or two so hopefully I’ll be able to report some awesome team-ups!

I guess that’s all I’ve got for now so have a Merry Christmas and all the jazz, stay safe and I’ll see you guys in the new year!

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