1GAM February – Two Down Ten to Go!


The month has come and gone and I’m really happy with how Invasion has turned out.

Overall February was fantastic! Not only have I completed my #1GAM entry on time, Invasion is also the most complete game I’ve managed to produce since starting as a one woman band.

Click on the Image to play!

Click on the Image to play!

N.B. I’m aware of a few guard bugs – at times they decide not to rotate at their waypoints and others their collision goes silly. Neither of these I’ve found to be gamebreaking but should you find any that do please let me know.

MUSIC – The music I’ve used in the game was sourced from ccMixter. The track is called ‘Towards Isolation’ by onlymeith. I picked it because it gives the right feeling I hoped to add with music – a kind of spooky unsettling on edge feeling that I imagine one would have if in a real life situation. 

I attribute my success to wanting to do better  than last month’s efforts and picking an idea that was easy enough for my skills to navigate. I kept the visuals basic and reusable while the gameplay didn’t require a tonne of new learning coding wise.

Before I started I wrote a two lists on the white board that lives next to my desk. One was entitled “Core” and the other “Desirables.” This is how I have always liked to organise my time in anything I do really – what do I need vs. what do I want – and it worked fabulously this month. Once the core list was complete I moved on to the desirables, even dividing and distributing the lists until I was satisfied I had the game I sought out to make. Highly recommended way of working if you aren’t all ready.

Invasion is a game that I can easily see myself taking further and am kind of excited at the prospect of doing so. I would also like to explore the antithesis of the game – i.e.  you are the invaders. I’ve already had a idea for a similar game for a while now so this is probably a good opportunity to do so. That said, I will have to assess exactly what it is I’d like to do as if it’s too ambitious for right now it will have to wait a bit. Ideally both aspects would be included in one game but that is a very long stretch goal for the minute. When the time will come to take the current Invasion further I’m not certain of just yet though I might experiment with getting it on to Kongregate in the not too distant future. EDIT: turns out it’s super easy to upload to Kongregate, you can play it here.

invasion level 1

Progress is saved!

Progress is saved!

I am left with a hint of worry that this was a complete fluke and I’ll never be able to do something as awesome again – this feeling worsened by not really have a clue what to do for March. I guess you’ll have to tune in next week and see…

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