#1GAM June – Jumper Complete


June is now complete and so too is Jumper.

I’m not thrilled with this month’s result and probably won’t take it further. I had a bunch more ideas to add to make it more ‘juicy’ but opted for polish instead. Some of the polish came in the form of sound effects, something I haven’t often had the time to include, so I’m pretty happy to have achieved that. Looking at the game in it’s current state I just don’t have the urge to do more to it, I’m yet to get a lot of feedback though so I guess I’ll wait and see if a consensus emerges.

The game is playable now over on GameJolt and is up and running successfully on my iDevices.

Click to play over on GameJolt

July is going to be very busy, with other commitments likely to take up almost a solid two week block of time. With half the month more or less gone before it’s even begun, my plan is to create a choose your own adventure game book using inklewriter (something I’ve mentioned previously). This means I don’t need to be cross disciplined for the month as programming and art requirements are pretty much eliminated, freeing up all the spare time I have for writing and refining. It’s going to be a challenge as I don’t consider myself to be that great of a writer, but that’s what OneGameAMonth is about!

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