#1GAM July – A Taste of Vigilante


This month has been okay. I’ve been super busy with work and ended up with even less time than I had anticipated for this month’s game. I have however continued with Vigilante.

It’s not as long as I was aiming for but I think it’s pretty cool. All together it is sitting at around the 2500 word mark so it’s not super long, the time suck was creating different story branches and deciding how/if/when to funnel them together. I had a lot of fun writing it so I think I’ve spent my time wisely.

I am however frustrated by an issue I’ve been having with how inklewriter handles conditions. It has taken a lot of getting used to as it isn’t super clear where the condition is being applied but when it works it works great.

Click to Read

Click to Read

Next month could be exciting if things go to plan but rest assured a game will be made!

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