#1GAM August – Devolution


This month is shaping up to be my best to date, and I’m only 3 1/2 dev days in! I’ve made loads of progress already and am excited to see how far I can get.

The game is called ‘Devolution’ and is my most abstract game to date. Story wise, the basic premise is that you have devolved to a simple state but with your human conscience and memories still intact. I’m attempting to keep it all very vague and moody with dialogue sequences and super cool music (the current track is Exurb by Gurdonark / CC BY 3.0).

Gameplay wise I’m focusing on action based puzzle solving using two layers of interaction; you can move about on the upper surface or dive below at any stage.

You can play what I’ve got for the tutorial at the moment by clicking the image below. I’m always looking for feedback so if you’ve got any let me know!

Click to check out the rough as guts tutorial

Click to check out the rough as guts tutorial

The lighting system is the latest awesome asset I have discovered via the Unity Asset Store. It’s called 2D Volumetric Lights from Reverie Interactive and it is terrific. 

I’ve got high hopes for this one so hopefully I can maintain the same momentum throughout the month.


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