#1GAM August – 8 In A Row!


Devolution is complete and the result is more than I hoped for. That makes eight games in as many months! Woohoo!

It’s not quite the game I first thought up (as is always the case in 1GAM) so things had to be cut in order to get done in time and with the level of polish I try to aim for. This time I actually didn’t really mind so much – the game that came out of it is really cool and I’m proud of it.

Click to play (with speakers of some variety preferably)

Click to play (with speakers preferably)

Big thanks go to my friend Aaron who acted as a fantastic sounding board throughout the whole month 😀

All credit for the music goes to Gurdonark who I found over on ccmixter. The two tracks used are ‘Sawmill’ and ‘Exurb’ CC BY 3.0 and perfectly compliment/enhance the mood I was aiming for.

2 thoughts on “#1GAM August – 8 In A Row!

  1. hi Liz:

    Always fun to see my music in a game, but when I click, I cannot get Devolution to do anything. Maybe it’s a function of running LInux or maybe my browser is stopping a pop-up or something. But I wanted to still leave this note to say thanks for including me in the fun. best, Robert (gurdonark)

    • I would say it’s most likely a linux thing as i haven’t built with it in mind. That said I’ve just exported a build for you! Let me know how it goes. Thanks heaps for your music, really goes a long way to helping the atmosphere.

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