#1GAM Onwards to February


wanderlust-gamejolt-newI’ve made some great progress with Wanderlust and have already submitted it to onegameamonth.com as my Jan14 entry. Some of the notable changes for the Jan build include:

  • Basic level system (Tutorial, through to level 10) including progress save
  • Pause screen
  • Android, PC/Mac/Linux standalone builds
  • Changes to input
  • UI scaling according to device resolution
  • Tweaks to path generation

This month is more of the same really; tweak, add and improve. My big aim for Feb is to fix up the path gen even more – the long lines I mentioned in my previous post. Anything beyond that will be awesome!

I’ve decided to use itch.io for distribution while I’m in development (the goal being that once at a suitable level of completion I will put the game up for sale on other marketplaces such as google play). The decision was kind of made for me by the way the google play store handles free. I didn’t want to charge for the game while it was incomplete but the store doesn’t let you swap between free and paid. This way I have the game up for download at what ever price the user wants to pay, even if that is zero which is more than fine.

Also, the marketing side of things is proving to be tricky so itch.io is a great place to test things out without too much risk.

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