#1GAM March14 – Reversal!


This month I decided to prototype a new idea. I’m liking the game so much that I’ve basically decided to pursue it instead of Wanderlust (my interest was waning anyway).

The game is called Reversal and is essentially a juggling game; shapes move about the scene and the player must keep them on screen but reversing their direction.

Play the game online over on Gamejolt or grab a standalone PC/Mac/Android build over on itch.io

I’m attempting to target iOS and Android at the same time which is proving a little tricky but a skill I must learn to master.

Development is going great so far. I’ve got 10 levels in the game along with bonus goals for each and some great polish overall. I’m planning around 40 levels for initial release which will hopefully include some extra gameplay elements to change things up. Hopefully the dev cycle won’t be too long and I can reach my goal of releasing something soon!

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