#1GAM Jan15 – Short but sweet


This month has been quite busy for me already.

Earlier this month I spent a week with the Girls Make Games crew as a counsellor for their augural Sydney summer camp.


The week was unbelievably fun and I’m rather disappointed it is over! I got to know two lovely 14 ladies who formed the team ‘Pokewomens’ and made a top down shooter called ‘Winnie Warhead and the Vegetable Invasion.’

Outside of this, I start training for a new job in a few days so I’ve been taking it easy before life gets a little more hectic and spare time more scarce. This month’s game is a tiny Stencyl game called Agile Alien. Stencyl is a neat engine I learnt for the camp and it is quite enjoyable once you get the hang of things. If you want to give game dev a go but never have before checkout Stencyl!

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.16.57 pm

Last year was a bit up and down for me so thankfully 2015 has kicked off in a happy and exiting fashion.

In another cool note I ended #1GAM 2014 at number 3 on the high scores! Here is to another great year of game dev.

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