#1GAM March – Work Work Work


I’ve had a rather busy month. As I mentioned in my January post, I’ve started a new job and unfortunately it has taken up way more of my time than was initially indicated. In fact I’m currently writing this on the train to work…

I’ve only had a couple of days here and there for the whole month to put something together. Nevertheless I did my best to get something out.


The game is a reworking of an older idea I had but couldn’t quite put my finger on. It is really only a teeny proof of concept so it’s not worth releasing into the wild at this stage. The concept is to allow the matching shapes through and destroy the others, mistakes causing a lost life.

Other than that I’ve had little time for much of anything and it really sucks. March should improve somewhat through some changes to my schedule and hopefully getting into a rhythm. I’ve got a cool idea brewing which I’m interested in playing with.

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