#1GAM October ’15 – Invert Experiment


October came and went in a flash. I managed to find a little bit of time to put into Follow and this month I played around with another potential distraction technique; inverted colours.

Shaders are not something I have a lot of experience with so I had a look around for something I could get to work quickly. I decided on one shared via the unity forums (check it out here.) It’s very easy to implement and the creator has even included a few little tweaked versions.

I’m still looking at ways to better control the colours as some of the combinations aren’t quite harsh. As you can see from the shots above, I’ve been particularly interested by breaking up the intensity with some sort of pattern. The test ones above aren’t bad so I’ll experiment more with detail and shape.

#1GAM September15 – Playable!


‘Follow’ is finally playable! Check it out here.

It still needs work (music and sound noticeably) but it is satisfying to get something out into the world again. Hopefully I can get some valuable input around difficulty particularly to help fuel more progress before the year is out.

In a happy coincidence I believe this marks a significant blog post on my site as well.

#1GAM August ’15 – Distraction


Not much progress this month. I’ve been toying with methods of distraction, the first on my list being a voice. Check out the vid for the POC of the flow of things so far.

I’ve been tinkering with UI and menus but they aren’t nice enough for consumption yet and I think I’ve sorted how to publish via HTML builds. I might have something for others to play next month!

#1GAM15 July – Darkness Falls


My, this year is disappearing quickly. July saw some more improvement with my project newly dubbed ‘Follow.’

The easiest change to notice is the colour scheme. I thought I’d change things up a little from the normal colours I gravitate toward. The darker shades help make it a little tricker and help make the background gradient a little subtler. The trail renderers on the circles are still being tweaked and may even be removed. I do like how they accentuate the curve of the circles’ movement; without them things felt a little more robotic.

follow trail

Not much else to report. I’m hoping to change up my work life a little so fingers crossed that goes well. It should open up a few more hours for a dev dabble here and there – at the moment my days off are mostly set aside for bludging.

#1GAM15 June – Back to the Grid


Whoops! I’m rather late getting this post together though I assure you I’ve made some more progress.

I was unhappy with how the line of circles looked and it limited how many I could fit nicely on screen. I’ve opted for a grid instead, which is looking much better.

Other little tweaks to game flow with some fading and such, as well as some changes colour and text wise.

I’m much happier with the game at the moment. Still don’t see it as anything to write home about but I’m enjoying myself which is the most important part!

#1GAM May15 – Improvements!


Hey there, internet! It’s been a month or so; time for a progress update!

May was a busy busy month but I’ve managed to make some progress!

I’ve tried to keep focus on getting specific tasks done so I can make better use of my more limited time these days. Seems to be working well thus far. My goal was to make some headway on the game flow. I’ve got the beginnings of the game loop happening already, now it’s a matter of expanding and tweaking.

I also got a new computer this month! I’ve had it for just under two weeks now and it’s already improving my dev experience. My previous mac was just getting to the end of it’s life so was slow and breaking down. I should also be able to take the new one with me to and from work more often too, hopefully opening up some more dev time!

#1GAM April15 – Busy, Game On and HTML


Another busy month but another proof of concept!

This one comes from a brain training style game where you are tasked with keeping track of a circle.

reflex 2

I’ve had so little time to work on this one so it is really just a mini proof of concept of what I’m working towards. I’m going to see if I can experiment with an added element to change things up as well as add the bells and whistles in the next month or so. I’ve also been attempting to learn how building to html5 is handled in Unity. With google chrome’s changes meaning a big ol chunk of players can’t access my stuff, I figured now is as good a time as any to learn the alternative.

I’m afraid May is going to be chokkas for me. It’s one of those months full of birthdays, Mother’s Day, appointments and just general life taking up all my free time. I’ve managed to make it even busier for myself by signing up to do a talk as part of Vivid Sydney’s Game On event. Extremely flattered to have been asked to join in, hopefully I have useful things to say. It’s all happening from the 22nd – 24th of May so check out more details here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.45.14 am