High Update! More Progress


I was able to refrain from playing Diablo 3 today longer enough to get some pretty good progress made on High.

Animations are working really well, I’ve figured out a better way to handle balloon formations and I’ve made a good start on damage indication. I’ve also added a small amount of camera movement and the option for downward movement. Downward movement was something I included in the design doc with a note stating that I needed to playtest further before deciding if it was a necessary addition. I think adding allows for a bit more freedom but the true test will come when a greater number of obstacles and more accurate level design is implemented. Overall I’m very happy with how the game is turning out.

Nice Progress


So I’ve had a reasonably productive week this past week having made some nice progress. I’m a fan of lists so here is a list of stuff I got done this week:

  • Sorted parallax scrolling including a workflow for asset creation
  • Figured out how to use the mouse for both multitasking and acceleration, very near final completion
  • Core damage functionality including animation swapping
  • Created some more high animations and have nearly sorted all importing discrepancies

The best thing to come out of this week was a feeling that I’m actually starting to understand programming a lot more, evidenced in the fact that my frustration levels were much lower than seen in those previous. I’m also noticing that my Unity/2DToolKit workflow is improving making for much more efficient work.

There is certainly a heck of a lot more to be completed for the prototype but each week my confidence grows a little as I slowly but surely cross tasks off my list. I leave you now with a few images…


High Update – I Have No Idea What I’m Doing


Yep I feel the above picture adequately describes my prototyping experience for the day.

I started the day pretty crappy I’ll admit with my alarm not going off resulting in me missing out on a run (it had started raining by the time I woke unassisted D;). However prototyping wise, thanks to forum support, I was able to fix a small issue I had with animations not playing.

The trouble is that beyond the small addition of a multi-tasking element I don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything of note today. That feeling sucks. I spent most of my day using a concept I’ve never tried before (I’m actually trying to figure it out as I put this together) and it is well and truly proving to be beyond my knowledge at this point and I’m stuck. I’m hoping I’ll get a hail mary in the form of advice from a forum thread I posted on and the solution will only be simple.

I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll try and do some art as well as programming as at least that way I’m pretty much guaranteed to have something tangible come the end of it…

High Update – Baby Steps


So I’ve had a bit of a chance to play around with 2D ToolKit and first impressions are that it is pretty cool. I’m still very much feeling my way and testing what the tool can do but overall it is as useful and time saving as I had hoped. What I’m liking most is the collider and sprite editor which are some of the most user friendly tools I’ve come across.

With this in mind I have officially started the process towards a polished prototype. In my pre-production time I included a prototype section in my design doc which I have sitting beside me while I work. It is essentially a breakdown of tasks that I feel need to be achieved as well as some deemed ‘desirable’ (a.k.a should I find the time) so I’ll be able to track my progress by ticking off completed tasks.

A big part of my desired polish is the art even though it’s still pretty new ground for me. The tool makes importing and cutting up sprite sheets a breeze so thankfully I am able to correct any errors pretty much as I see them. However to further aid asset creation I’ve started adding a new section to my doc for ‘Technical Specs’. This will pretty much form a cheat sheet outlining the optimal dimensions and resolutions when I feel I’ve found the sweet spot as well as things to keep in mind along the way. Using this process I’ve already been able to figure out a good animation workflow culminating in the gif you see below.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to knuckle down and have the core functionality working by early next week, but either way I’m certainly happy with my progress thus far.


High – Update 12/04/12


I have very good news to report this week! Coming to just over 5000 words and 30 pages I have finished the initial design doc for High. It’s certainly not the longest doc I’ve ever created nor is it finished; it will grow once the cycle of prototype, test and review comes into play. Nevertheless I am relieved to have the doc finished for the moment as the design has been improving throughout writing it and I am excited to see how my ideas will come together in gameplay.

2DToolkit successfully came through this week also. I’ve had a little bit of a play around with it and it’s super daunting but I’m confident that I’ll soon find my rhythm and High will well and truly become a reality.

I leave you with a smidgen of really rough high level concept art for the game and will hopefully update soon with prototype progress.

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Super Dooper Awesome Update


So I think I’ve made enough progress to final show off ‘High’ a little bit. The game is nowhere near completion but I’ve got it to a point where it serves as a good proof of concept for the future game. There is no scoring as of yet but the base mechanics are pretty firm and I’m happy with my progress so far.

If you would like to play, the controls are:

  • Spacebar to raise High
  • Left Mouse Click to reveal and pop balloons hidden in bushes

Here is the link (you will need to download unity web player) or you can click the image above