Project: Lightning Hammer


My Major Project for my final trimester of study at Qantm College is now complete.It was created by a three person team consisting of two games design and one animation student. I am the co-designer and primary programmer for the project.

Below is a capture of the beta and final versions of the game. Each show 20 and 24 weeks of work respectively.

Our 2D adventure style platformer Project lightning hammer is like Trine in that it is puzzle and platforming driven but set in a modern military world with elements from Norse Mythology. You play as Thor battling to restore the heroes of Asgard, the best part is that Thor’s hammer is your companion which the player will utilise in every aspect of their quest to bring back the gods.

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The game has been created using the Torque X engine and is coded entirely in c#. It has been created with the aim of release on Xbox Live.

If you would like to learn more about this project please visit the team blog where I have kept a week by week update of my experience, progress and failings here:

or visit our youtube account

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