#1GAM15 July – Darkness Falls


My, this year is disappearing quickly. July saw some more improvement with my project newly dubbed ‘Follow.’

The easiest change to notice is the colour scheme. I thought I’d change things up a little from the normal colours I gravitate toward. The darker shades help make it a little tricker and help make the background gradient a little subtler. The trail renderers on the circles are still being tweaked and may even be removed. I do like how they accentuate the curve of the circles’ movement; without them things felt a little more robotic.

follow trail

Not much else to report. I’m hoping to change up my work life a little so fingers crossed that goes well. It should open up a few more hours for a dev dabble here and there – at the moment my days off are mostly set aside for bludging.

#1GAM November14 – Slowly But Surely


The goal for this month was to get something playable out into the world to get some much needed feedback. I’ve managed to put a little proof of concept together, so consider the goal met!

If you’d like to play check it out here. I’m very open to feedback so send it my way. It is still full of bugs and rather lacking but still a good little indicator of the core mechanic.

Miner POC - Punch

At this point I have a good idea of where I want the game to go so I will keep prototyping, adding and tweaking.

Notable changes for the month:

  • addition of ceiling enemies (not in POC however)
  • foundations of a character select screen
  • indestructible blocks
  • UI tweaks
  • beginnings of lives system
  • you can now punch the enemies

#1GAM September 14 – Forget Me. Not.


Earlier in the month I mentioned I was working on a prototype for this month’s game. The game is going really well but a change of circumstances means I’m going to pursue further dev on it in Unity instead of Gamemaker. I’ve been working on switching over these past few days and I’ve already matched what I was able to achieve in a month of work in Gamemaker. Oh Unity how I missed you.

Anyway, back to this month’s game. The end of the month was quickly approaching and while I had made some good progress in the GM prototype, I just wasn’t happy with it and wanted to scratch the itch of releasing something of decent polish. I had been mulling over an idea for probably most of the year but hadn’t figured out a way to implement it in a good way. The idea had been to make a game about Dementia within the context of data corruption.

screenshot 2

I spent about a week putting the game together and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It isn’t a long game but I feel it gets my point across with the impact I was hoping for. I shared the game on twitter and it received a really lovely response which has been a wonderful and surprising bonus!

If you’d like to play the game, Forget Me. Not, you can over on itch.io or gamejolt.

#1GAM August – 8 In A Row!


Devolution is complete and the result is more than I hoped for. That makes eight games in as many months! Woohoo!

It’s not quite the game I first thought up (as is always the case in 1GAM) so things had to be cut in order to get done in time and with the level of polish I try to aim for. This time I actually didn’t really mind so much – the game that came out of it is really cool and I’m proud of it.

Click to play (with speakers of some variety preferably)

Click to play (with speakers preferably)

Big thanks go to my friend Aaron who acted as a fantastic sounding board throughout the whole month 😀

All credit for the music goes to Gurdonark who I found over on ccmixter. The two tracks used are ‘Sawmill’ and ‘Exurb’ CC BY 3.0 and perfectly compliment/enhance the mood I was aiming for.