#1GAM October – Pinatarama


Hey there! I’ve spent a couple of days working on this month’s game and thought I’d share what I’ve got so far. The idea was inspired by the boxing bag training game from wii sports and this month’s optional theme of candy. Thanks to my big sis for the name idea ūüėÄ

I’m still deciding where to go with the idea so have two game types at the moment. ‘Smash’ which is just a click/tap as fast as possible and destroy as many as you can, while ‘Focus’ requires you to tap/click the targets in numerical order to get the highest score. It is still only at proof of concept stage but as cut down my dev time town this month (work, expo, my upcoming birthday ūüėÄ sucking it all up) I’m not really fussed how polished I can get it.

Focus Mode. Click to play

Focus Mode. Click to play

EB Expo

If you follow me on Twitter or have liked my Facebook page you would’ve seen some of the really cool press that has come out of the expo. Check it out below!

Android Spin Roundup

C’mon Rockets Blog post

So far the Expo has been worth it and I’ll definitely be back next year!

#1GAM May – Bloodthirsty


You get it? Bloodthirsty = 5 kills in a row in Black Ops 2 and I’ve made 5 games in a row! Hilarious.

Jelly is done for the month, woohoo! I think it’s safe to say this has been one of the best months to date. I’ve had a tonne of fun, I’ve boosted my confidence and created something I’m really proud of.

You can play a web build over on GameJolt. I can’t speak any more highly of GameJolt it is simply¬†fantastic. I put Invasion and Wordsmith up only yesterday and have already gotten a bunch of plays and great feedback! I recommend it to any indie developers – they accept a bunch of build types and even allow you to mark games as works in progress.


I would really like to take the game further, with the penultimate goal being the app store. At this stage my plan for the next month is to spend 2 weeks or so on a simple new game (will also be iOS based) and the rest of the month continuing with Jelly. However if I find June game’s needs more attention I will definitely spend as much time as it needs (one game a month is my goal after all).

1GAM March – Got Another One For Ya!


This month has ended on a bit of a high with the completion of Wordsmith (completion for now that is). Outside of game dev, the month has been a busy one – add on top of that a bunch of issues I had to weed out just to get a playable build out and you’ve got a challenging month.

I’m not entirely sure what my problem was but the game played perfectly in editor, yet¬†every time¬†I built, changes would seemingly be¬†ignored.¬†Long and frustrating story short – I was using null references to check a few launching conditions (for example if no start screen, go ahead and let play commence) and¬†apparently the webplayer was ignoring them. It was probably a silly way to handle things anyway so I changed the conditions over and all was well. Or so I thought. The next issue was massive loading times when returning to the main menu. I spent the morning debugging like crazy and squashed that sucker with great satisfaction.

I didn’t make it through as many things on my ‘desirables’ list as I would’ve liked but that doesn’t matter, why else would I put them under the heading!
The game has a lot of potential (potential which has thankfully been noticed by others also Рthanks guys you know who you are ^.^) and I maintain my goal of taking to touch devices when the time, and funds, allow.

The music track is called ‘Silent Motions’ by morgantj and while It does the job, it’s not exactly what I was after. The¬†levelling¬†system is also another area that could use¬†revisiting¬†– firstly it’s untested so the XP, speed and accuracy are all only based on my skill level it could also stand to be more complex. That said, I never done levelling in a game before so I’m pretty chuffed with how it turned out.

Anyway enough gibber jabbing – you can play the game below.

Click on the image to launch the game.

Click on the image to launch the game.

High Update – Baby Steps


So I’ve had a bit of a chance to play around with 2D ToolKit and first impressions are that it is pretty cool. I’m still very much feeling my way and testing what the tool can do but overall it is as useful and time saving as I had hoped. What I’m liking most is the collider and sprite editor which are some of the most user friendly tools I’ve come across.

With this in mind I have officially started the process towards a polished prototype. In my pre-production time I included a prototype section in my design doc which I have sitting beside me while I work. It is essentially a breakdown of tasks that I feel need to be achieved as well as some deemed ‘desirable’ (a.k.a should I find the time) so I’ll be able to track my progress by ticking off completed tasks.

A big part of my desired polish is the art even though it’s still pretty new ground for me. The tool makes importing and cutting up sprite sheets a breeze so thankfully I am able to correct any errors pretty much as I see them. However to further aid asset creation I’ve started adding a new section to my doc for ‘Technical Specs’. This will pretty much form a cheat sheet outlining the optimal dimensions and resolutions when I feel I’ve found the sweet spot as well as things to keep in mind along the way. Using this process I’ve already been able to figure out a good animation workflow culminating in the gif you see below.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to knuckle down and have the core functionality working by early next week, but either way I’m certainly happy with my progress thus far.


High – Update 12/04/12


I have very good news to report this week! Coming to just over 5000 words and 30 pages I have finished the initial design doc for High. It’s certainly not the longest doc I’ve ever created nor is it finished; it will grow once the cycle of prototype, test and review comes into play. Nevertheless I am relieved to have the doc finished for the moment as the design has been improving throughout writing it and I am excited to see how my ideas will come together in gameplay.

2DToolkit successfully came through this week also. I’ve had a little bit of a play around with it and it’s super daunting but I’m confident that I’ll soon find my rhythm and High will well and truly become a reality.

I leave you with a smidgen of really rough high level concept art for the game and will hopefully update soon with prototype progress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

RagePixel is nifty and free!!


In my search for the most suitable 2D solution for my unity work I’ve come across a pretty neat toolkit called RagePixel. The tool allows for pixel art creation in unity with perhaps the best news being that the bulk of the tool is to remain free forever! My experience with it has been reasonably brief at this point but I am certainly enjoying see what it can achieve. I’m actually¬†considering¬†using it to rapid prototype some of my daily game ideas.

For anyone interested visit ragepixel.com, the tool is only a month or so old but has mountains of potential!

Also Check out ‘Blunk’¬†created by the tool’s developer using RagePixel.

If I am yet to convince you be sure to watch the launch trailer below.

Current Project: ‘High’


So the individual project I mentioned in my earlier post today is a game called ‘High’. It’s a small simple 2D game where you attempt to gain the highest score by staying¬†airborne¬†as long as possible. I’m creating it with unity3D with the intentions of a¬†multi-platform¬†release at some point (unity is an excellent and flexible tool for achieving this).

I’ll be doing pretty much everything in the project at this stage with some help in the art department from my sister Lucy. It’s my first programming project in a while so it’s somewhat¬†daunting but I know I’ll achieve my goals if I just work at my own pace.

Below is a concept image with a style that I think is achievable with my current skill level. It’s also working really well with the proof of concept/prototype work I’ve been doing.

Hopefully I’ll update again soon with some gameplay footage in the coming few weeks.