#1GAM September – Busy Busy Busy


So this is the first time I’ve blogged this month and it’s the last day…sorry about that but as the title suggests I’ve been very busy.

First off lets get this month’s game out of the way. Ship Shape is this months game. It is really only a proof of concept as, due to aforementioned busy-ness I had very little time to work on something new. It has no bells or whistles, is fugly and is very basic, but is a good indication of what the game could be like.

Click to Play - prepare to be underwhellmed

Click to Play – prepare to be underwhellmed

The most exciting thing I have to tell you is that I’ll be exhibiting at EB Expo’s homegrown gaming area this coming weekend. In prep for that my month has been spent dividing my time between adding final touches to Devolution (included having to make a standalone build – not hard just a little annoying) and revamping Jelly for public consumption. I’ve made heaps of progress with Jelly:

  • I’ve added new enemy types in the form of fish hooks and whales
  • Added gem combos
  • Added bubbles
  • Added music and sound
  • Built it for iPad mini (oh I bought an iPad mini by the way and it’s rad)
Check out the new changes over on GameJolt

Check out the new changes over on GameJolt

I’m very nervous but excited nonetheless. Hopefully people enjoy the games and I get lots of great feedback to funnel back into making my games better.

At last news item for the day, I’ve entered Devolution into the Australian Game Developer Awards. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.