#1GAM June – Daily Levels?


This month I have been pushing hard to get Reversal polished. This has meant removing the old yellow level set and replacing it with a new set. As much as it sucks to throw out work, the old set was just full of bugs and bringing everything else down with it – including my motivation.

This new set introduces a new mechanic – moving walls. There is still some work to be done removing various bugs and issues but the set is coming along great! You can get the new version over on itch.io (if you’d like a key to download for free I’d be more than happy to oblige).

Towards the end of the month I have spent my time tweaking UI and prototyping a possible new addition – daily levels.

The UI has really come along nicely (even since creating the below gif) and is getting nicely polished. The gif demonstrates how the game will remember which level you last played and have the level select screen bring up the relevant level set should you return to the screen.

The idea for daily levels was completely stolen from the game Lyne by Thomas Bowker. Lyne has a similar target audience and I think it is too good of an idea to leave by the wayside. So far prototyping has been going well. Of course there are a bunch of difficulties with procedural generation but I’m excited by the mode so happy to power through them. Check out some procedurally generated levels in the gallery below!

I’m planning to take a bit of a break for the next week or two. Hopefully I can still make some more progress on the daily levels and have a demo of it out by the end of july. I do have a neat meeting coming up though so stay tuned in the event anything comes of it!

1GAM February – Waypoints, no way?! Yes way?!


I’m very happy to report that I’ve had a much better start to this month’s game!

The idea is based off the hypothetical situation most people contemplate at one point or another: your house has been broken into what do you do?

At the moment the goal is to avoid detection from the robbers and escape before the time runs out. Obviously it’s pretty simple right now but I do have goals of adding more interesting elements as I go along – notably secondary objectives such as taking out the robbers or retrieving valuables.

I’m happy with my progress thus far with player movement and robber waypoints both working pretty nicely (thanks go to Silly Hat Games for reminding of the magical iTween). I did originally plan to use the mouse for player movement and have kept that functionality for the moment but it felt too clunky given the nature of the game .

The only thing bothering me now is the art style, which I would prefer to be cooler. I might have a play around with a blueprint looking colour scheme and see how that goes.

week 1

A picture may say a thousand words but I will add some more – The robbers will follow their paths, the player can move, collision is working and the robbers will detect the player should they get too close.

Something that would be cool to hear from you guys it how you think you’d act if your house were robbed? Run for the nearest exit? Grab a weapon? Notify the authorities? I want to know, no matter how outrageous!

1GAM January – Victory Tastes Sweet


I made it! I’ve come to the end of January with a game. As you’ve probably read previously, it’s not what I expected to have at the start of the month but it is a game nonetheless.

Since my last updated I’ve prettied up the visuals somewhat, attempted to remove as many bugs as possible, added a level to the single player and added a powerup to the multiplayer. As is pretty much always the case with any project, there is more I would’ve like to have done but I’m happy where it’s ended up. Click the image below to play!


Click to Play!

Despite my earlier issues I’ve actually learned a fair bit from the experience and am excited to get into next month’s game. Be sure to check out some of the other games from this month over on onegameamonth.com !

60 Percent of the Time, I Work Everytime


This past month has been a bit up and down, mostly because I have made very little progress on High, nor have I really attempted to do so. I feel the Anchorman quote sums this up pretty well. That doesn’t however mean that I haven’t been working on it; I had a pretty crappy day programming wise which started a programming dry spell but I have dabbled in the design side of things.

I’m at the point where I’m not sure I want to continue with High but know I will regret it. I have a tonne of ideas that I want to make a reality (as much as a reality as a video game can be I suppose) but need to keep in mind that I won’t be able to do everything all at once or even at all.

I’ve gained this new-found perspective as a result of a talk by Epona Shweer (creator of indiebits.com among other things) at Sydney’s iFest yesterday. She spoke specifically of the benefits of self-publishing but what I took out of it was that you aren’t gonna be able to everything on your first try (some things even at all) but not to let this discourage you.

The whole event has actually resparked my desire to make games in seeing the work of my fellow devs (by the way check out Time of Ages) who have been or are currently in the same situation as me. Next year I want to showcase something of my own.

In my High absence I’ve been working on a few different things:

  • I’m writing a gamebook as a prototype for a larger idea I’ve had. It’s still super early stages and likely rife with spelling and grammar mistakes so read it at your own peril here
  • Working on a core design doc for an adventure game (watching the Double Fine Adventure updates seems to have given me the bug)
  • Writing and contributing more to indiesandwich.com
  • Something which is still secret for now…

I vow to continue working on High alongside these new and exciting projects and will try not to beat myself up so much.