#1GAM December – 12 Games in 12 Months


I did it! I completed 12 games in as many months this year. I am so proud of myself. I realise that they aren’t all the best games; some only scraping through as proof of concept pieces, but I am excited by my abilities even though I often find myself doubting them.

Wanderlust finished up as a neat little well formed game. I completed it in good time so that I can have the rest of the year to celebrate Christmas and revel in my achievement.

Click to Play

Click to Play

To anyone wondering if they should take the plunge I say go for it! Even if you only end up completing a few games, that’s great!

#1GAM November – Skills Tester


This week has been great! I’ll keep this short but I’ve been working on the following:

  • fixed the pesky mac only bug
  • added tweens to the shape rotation (still needs more tweaking though)
  • added a results page so the player can keep track of their progress
  • added a ‘How To Play’ page (rather ugly but does the job)
  • added a skip button so players can now continue even if stuck
  • added progress markers

I’m very happy with how things are going. Next week will be spent on implementing sound and bug fixing.

Check out the new changes and play below.

Click to Play

Click to Play

#1GAM November – Perspective


Hey there!

I had somewhat of a hiccup at the start of the month and had a lot of trouble coming up with an idea. I struggled for a couple days and finally inspiration hit and I’ve been hard at work on ‘Perspective.’

I’m trying to make a brain training sort of game using an idea often seen in IQ tests where you are given an image of a 3D shape and then need to figure out what a particular 2D side looks like. A big goal is to try and make players feel good about playing and trying to improve; I don’t love how Nintendo’s Brain Training series can leave you feeling a little stressed and down on yourself so I will do my best to achieve the opposite.

So at the moment the player can use the buttons, WASD or the arrow keys to rotate the shape until it matches the one displayed in the top right corner. To help players out I’ve also added a second camera at the top left which gives a different viewing angle of the shape.

Give it a play and let me know what  you think, still a little buggy but the main concept is there.

Click to play

Click to play

So far I’ve been using 3D for the first time in ages and experimenting with multiple cameras and I’m enjoying it thus far.

#1GAM June – A Swift Recovery


This month didn’t start off particularly well. I had one idea planned out in my head ready to go. I wrote out my to-do lists on the whiteboard as usual and got started with some temporary art to use. Then things went downhill…

The idea was okay, nothing groundbreaking, but okay and I think that was the issue; I wasn’t inspired by it enough to muster the creativity needed. Everything I drew I hated and when I moved into the editor I just hated it more. After a few days of struggle I decided to start fresh and I think I’ve found something potentially cool.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce ‘Jumper.’

I’m trying to keep this game super simple in terms of input but adding touches of complexity via power ups and bonuses. Overall, I want Jumper to be much more addictive than Jelly so gameplay needs to be challenging to the point where the player is pushed but not left feeling frustrated. I’m particularly happy with how the touch controls (tap anywhere above the character and he’ll jump up, tap anywhere below him and he’ll jump down) are helping this goal by giving some degree of freedom and even purity to the player’s response – they assess, strategise and react as quickly as possible.

As I write this, I’m currently trying to figure out how to best handle difficulty as I’m using procedural generation again. At the moment the plane formations are designed prior and spawned at random. My plan is to take these formations and rank them by difficulty – eventually trading out easier ones with more difficult ones. I’ll see how that goes.

I’ve had a bit of a wobbly start but the game is really taking shape. Right now I’ve got more or less all of the core functionality working (including some sound effects!) and will soon start work on adding some of my desirable/secondary tasks next week.