#1GAM June – Daily Levels?


This month I have been pushing hard to get Reversal polished. This has meant removing the old yellow level set and replacing it with a new set. As much as it sucks to throw out work, the old set was just full of bugs and bringing everything else down with it – including my motivation.

This new set introduces a new mechanic – moving walls. There is still some work to be done removing various bugs and issues but the set is coming along great! You can get the new version over on itch.io (if you’d like a key to download for free I’d be more than happy to oblige).

Towards the end of the month I have spent my time tweaking UI and prototyping a possible new addition – daily levels.

The UI has really come along nicely (even since creating the below gif) and is getting nicely polished. The gif demonstrates how the game will remember which level you last played and have the level select screen bring up the relevant level set should you return to the screen.

The idea for daily levels was completely stolen from the game Lyne by Thomas Bowker. Lyne has a similar target audience and¬†I think it is too good of an idea to leave by the wayside. So far prototyping has been going well. Of course there are a bunch of difficulties with procedural generation but I’m excited by the mode so happy to power through them. Check out some procedurally generated levels in the gallery below!

I’m planning to take a bit of a break for the next week or two. Hopefully I can still make some more progress on the daily levels and have a demo of it out by the end of july. I do have a neat meeting coming up though so stay tuned in the event anything comes of it!

#1GAM November – Skills Tester


This week has been great! I’ll keep this short but I’ve been working on the following:

  • fixed the pesky mac only bug
  • added tweens to the shape rotation (still needs more tweaking though)
  • added a results page so the player can keep track of their progress
  • added a ‘How To Play’ page (rather ugly but does the job)
  • added a skip button so players can now continue even if stuck
  • added progress markers

I’m very happy with how things are going. Next week will be spent on implementing sound and bug fixing.

Check out the new changes and play below.

Click to Play

Click to Play

#1GAM August – 8 In A Row!


Devolution is complete and the result is more than I hoped for. That makes eight games in as many months! Woohoo!

It’s not quite the game I first thought up (as is always the case in 1GAM) so things had to be cut in order to get done in time and with the level of polish I try to aim for. This time I actually didn’t really mind so much – the game that came out of it is really cool and I’m proud of it.

Click to play (with speakers of some variety preferably)

Click to play (with speakers preferably)

Big thanks go to my friend Aaron who acted as a fantastic sounding board throughout the whole month ūüėÄ

All credit for the music goes to Gurdonark who I found over on ccmixter. The two tracks used are ‘Sawmill’ and ‘Exurb’¬†CC BY 3.0¬†and perfectly compliment/enhance the mood I was aiming for.

1GAM May – Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse


10 days into may and this month’s game is going swimmingly (return here in a moment to chuckle at the genius of that pun). I proudly formally introduce Jelly, my first iOS game!

Jelly came out of a weird fact I heard about a type of jelly fish that is considered immortal as it never seems to die from natural causes. Put two and two together and you get a simple survival game where the player directs the protagonist away from danger for as long as possible.

Click to play a web build

The game is really easy at the moment as I am yet to add the difficulty¬†element, and has a few bugs but should give a decent idea of what I’m going for. With most of the core functionality more of less out of the way (including, you know, getting it on to an¬†iPhone) I should have plenty of time this month to refine and add some juicy extras.

It has been really fun being able to just hand my game to people this time around and get instant feedback – expect iOS games to become regular from me from now on!

Hopefully I will be able to figure out TestFlight at some point this month so I can get the actual final(ish) product out for some testing.

I’ve been¬†surprised¬†how well things have gone thus far and am still waiting for the inevitable ramp up in confusion/frustration/difficulty…

1GAM April – :S


So the month is over and while I do have a game, it’s not quite at the level I was aiming for. Of course I can’t beat myself up about it – it’s just part of learning. By the end of the month my¬†enthusiasm¬†was seriously¬†waning¬†and it’s more than likely this is why I haven’t achieved as much as¬†I¬†had hoped.

I had a goal to get animations working but ran out of time to get them to a point I felt comfortable with. I did however get some sound and GUI art in which has helped add a smidgen of much needed polish.

The game needs lots of testing.¬†Unfortunately¬†I ran out of time, and made progress too slowly to for it to be¬†feasible¬† I’ve made some little tweaks based on the feedback of a few helpful family members but it is for the most part untested. Basically this means I have no idea if it’s too hard, too easy, or honestly if it even makes sense to anyone beside me… That said, should you play it I’d love some feedback!

There are a few graphical bugs that I have been, annoyingly, unable to squash and it overall needs a lot of refinement but hey it resembles a game so I can’t be too unhappy!

Main Menu

Click to Play

In more exciting news I got a macbook this month so if things go well I’ll have an iphone game to show off next month!